• Introduction

     Founded in 1959, the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (BRIUG) is a multi-disciplinary and well-equipped research institute. It is the only national uranium geoscientific center in China.   Uranium geology, nuclear waste disposal and remote sensing technology application are the 3 main research sectors in BRIUG. The capabilities of BRIUG also include chemical and isotope analysis, material analysis, environment impact assessment, geophysical and geochemical investigation, radioactivity investigation and instrument development for radioactive survey. There are 7 Divisions for research & development and 3 Companies for associated products. In addition, the National Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Information and Image Analysis Technology and the Analytical Laboratory for Uranium Geology in China are affiliated in BRIUG.  BRIUG has greatly contributed to the development of Chinese nuclear industry. In the fields of uranium geology, remote sensing technology application and high level radioactive waste disposal, BRIUG is synonymous with “excellence”. More than 50 senior scientists have won government scientific prizes, 34 research achievements have won national level prizes, while 440 have won ministerial prizes.     BRIUG is supported by China National Nuclear Corporation. It employs approximately 600 scientists, engineers, support staffs and students. It is authorized to confer master’s degree and doctor’s degree. It is also a work station for post doctoral scientists. BRIUG has been granted with Grade A Certificate for Geological Exploration and Remote Sensing Geological Exploration, Grade ACertificate for Environment Impact Assessment and Certificate for ISO9001 Quality Management System. BRIUG has established extensive scientific and technological exchanges and bilateral cooperative relations with more than 40 countries, regions as well as International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA).  The fast development of nuclear power plants in China, the increasing demand for uranium resources and the increasing concern on nuclear waste disposal have provided great opportunities and challenges for BRIUG. At present, BRIUG is making its new efforts to conduct research on uranium geology, nuclear waste disposal and remote sensing technology application, to build more competitive capabilities in geophysical and geochemical survey, chemical analysis and instrument development, in order to build up the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) and IAEA Joint Technical Center for uranium resources exploration technology and  for radioactive waste disposal, and to contribute its expertise to Nuclear Industry, the economic development, environment protection and sustainable development of China. 
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